Challenges with CO2 EOR Production Pipelines

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Challenges with CO2 EOR Production Pipelines

INA - Industrija nafte
INA - Industrija nafte

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology with injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) in production oil fields become common method of oil recovery increase. From the first commercial CO2 EOR injection project on the Kelly-Snyder Field in West Texas past more than 45 years.

However, there can be significant corrosion management challenges resulting from planned CO2 EOR projects in relation to new and specially existing oil and gas production infrastructure and specially production pipeline systems.

In this paper it would be given sort review of different approach to pipeline protection due to increasing carbon dioxide contribution in production. Company INA implemented EOR method of injection CO2 in production area Ivanic and Žutica oil fields in northern Croatia for several years. Several method of corrosion protection was implemented during this period of production.

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