As TAPI Reaches Its End Problems Mount

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As TAPI Reaches Its End Problems Mount

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The protracted, 1,814-km transboundary Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (TAPI) gas pipeline project, with construction actually starting in Turkmenistan in December of 2015, has witnessed reported  large -scale violations on a 200-km section from Multan (where Alexander the Great was said to have been killed by a poisoned arrow) to the Indian border.

The government has decided to launch investigation into the matter, while Hybrid Aviation Private Limited Manager (operation) Mohsin Syed maintained that that there had been no negligence and the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Aviation division had been followed.

While the report does not mention the exact nature of the breach, it has been suggested that Hybrid Aviation conducted the survey without getting prior approval from the concerned quarters in Islamabad.

In addition to its nearly 2000-km length, the pipeline will be 1,420 millimetres (56 in) in diameter with a working pressure of 100 standard atmospheres (10,000 kPa). The capacity will be 33 billion cubic metres (1.2 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas per year of which 5 billion cubic meters (180 billion cubic feet) will be provided to Afghanistan and 14 billion cubic meters (490 billion cubic feet) to each Pakistan and India. Six compressor stations will be constructed along the pipeline. It is expected to be operational by 2020.


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"Did not get prior approval" Forgot to make appropriate payment to appropriate persons.

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