DENSO widens the portfolio with new FORTIDE® epoxy coatings

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DENSO widens the portfolio with new FORTIDE® epoxy coatings

DENSO FORTIDE®-HT application (© DENSO Group Germany)
DENSO FORTIDE®-HT application (© DENSO Group Germany)

Under the brand FORTIDE®, DENSO Group Germany is expanding its range to include high-performance epoxy coatings. To meet the diverse, ever-increasing demands of pipeline construction, FORTIDE® offers durable corrosion protection for a wide range of applications in tough conditions, for example the use at the highest operating temperatures up to +150 °C. Other FORTIDE® variants are specially designed for moist surfaces or as internal coatings for tanks or pipelines. All FORTIDE® products comply with the international standard ISO 21809-3.

FORTIDE® is suitable for the rehabilitation of pipelines, as a whole pipe coating or for welded joints and complex geometries. The products are characterised by an outstanding coating hardness and exceptional indentation strength. As a brush or spray coating, they are simply applied to the surface in one step, even in high layer thicknesses. This new coating is free of volatile solvents and isocyanates. 

Four product solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • FORTIDE®-HT | High Temperature: Corrosion protection of pipelines at maximum operating temperatures of up to +150 °C. For pipes transporting particularly hot media or exposed to very high ambient temperatures.
  • FORTIDE®-ST | Standard Temperature: Corrosion protection for pipelines at operating temperatures up to +95 °C.
  • FORTIDE®-TL | Tank Lining: Internal coating for tanks and pipelines with exceptional chemical and water resistance, e.g. against crude oil, various hydrocarbons, acids, lyes and waste water.
  • FORTIDE®-WS | Wet Surface: Specifically for use on wet surfaces, which are often a challenge, for example, when rehabilitating old coatings during pipeline operation. 

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