Rosen Europe B.V. Signs Large Gas Pipeline Inspection Contract in the Ukraine

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Rosen Europe B.V. Signs Large Gas Pipeline Inspection Contract in the Ukraine

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Rosen Group logo (copyright by Rosen)
Rosen Group logo (copyright by Rosen)

Rosen Europe B.V., part of Swiss ROSEN Group, the world's premier pipeline integrity company offering next generation technical solutions to the manifold problems facing the pipeline industry, has signed an agreement with Gas TSO of the Ukraine for in-line inspection services of main gas pipelines.

The agreement provides for the inspection of more than 4.5 thousand km of main gas pipelines of DN 1400 mm with the term of execution until the end of 2024. The total value of the agreement is EUR 6.44 million.

The In-line inspection using ROSEN intelligent tools will make it possible to examine the condition of main gas pipeline metal and welded joints. Timely detection and the elimination of defects reduces the risks of accidents, increasing the reliability of the gas transmission system. It was in 2009, when the previous operator of the GTS performed the last in-line inspection.

The services will be rendered in three stages. The first stage is field works, during this stage the linear part of the main gas pipelines will be cleaned by In-line cleaning pigs, diagnosed using various techniques, and a working report will be also prepared. On the second and third stages, after analyzing the inspection results, a preliminary and a final report will be presented, respectively. The results of the inspection will make it possible to identify concealed defects in the gas pipelines and, accordingly, to prioritize repair work.

“More than 33 thousand kilometers of gas pipelines are on the books of Gas TSO of Ukraine. This year, the company has planned to spend UAH 7.77 billion on their inspection, diagnostics, repair and maintenance. ROSEN is one of the world leaders in providing In-line inspection services of gas pipelines, and our partnership is aimed at increasing the reliability and safety of the operation of the gas transmission system of Ukraine”, said Sergiy Makogon, General Director of GTSOU.


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