Stratos Solution becomes Sourse - Providing Pipeline Monitoring Services for the European market

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Stratos Solution becomes Sourse - Providing Pipeline Monitoring Services for the European market

Julien Losseau & Christophe Hosdain from Sourse (© Ralph Thiele/EITEP)
Julien Losseau & Christophe Hosdain from Sourse (© Ralph Thiele/EITEP)

Sourse, formerly Stratos Solution, unveiled their rebranding strategy at the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) 2024, emphasizing their commitment to providing advanced pipeline monitoring services. Their fusion of geomatics knowledge with pipeline monitoring enables them to offer enhanced insights and real-time response capabilities, setting them apart from competitors. The ptj-Team visited them at their booth at ptc and interviewed them about the rebranding, their fusion of geomatics knowledge with pipeline monitoring and their main objectives in the European pipeline market.

Can you elaborate on the key aspects of Stratos Solution's rebranding strategy and how it reflects your commitment to advancing pipeline monitoring technology?

Stratos Solution not only becomes Sourse, it evolves towards this new company name. A source describes the origin or the starting point from which something originates.  Sourse was therefore chosen as our new name to emphasise that we want to be at the heart of our clients’ future by providing them with accurate, instantaneous and reliable information.  We will be their Sourse for effective decision-making. 

Stratos Solution emphasizes the fusion of geomatics knowledge with pipeline monitoring. How does this unique expertise enable you to provide enhanced value and insights to your clients in the pipeline industry?

Our knowledge in geomatics and mapping solution enable us to go beyond basic surveillance. By providing full pipeline data coverage, accurate geo-positioning and instantaneous threat detection, we not only enable faster real-time response in case of problem but also a unique way to have access to reliable historical information. This is truly transforming our data into a useful information available 24/7.  Our geomatics background also 

In a competitive landscape, what sets Stratos Solution apart from other service providers in terms of its approach to pipeline monitoring and data analysis?

Most of all, we differentiate ourselves from other users through the use of our proprietary technology. We have developed and put in production a unique solution that makes autonomous multiple data collection but also enables automatic detection. In practical words, we can acquire different type of images as well as LiDAR data through a single flight, retrieve data as it is acquired, process it straight away and apply our detection models as data comes in. It means that we can offer detection reports in 2 to 3 minutes. 

As you expand into the European market, what specific regions and challenges are you focusing on, and how do you plan to address them to ensure successful implementation of your solutions?

Today, we are already active in Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. Our goal is to further expand into the whole Western Europe. A key element in monitoring pipeline infrastructure is reactivity. So our major challenge is to scale our aircraft fleet to be as responsive as possible. One way to address it is by growing our number of aircrafts or, potentially, by creating a network of partners using our innovative solution.

Looking ahead, what are your main objectives for Stratos Solution within the European pipeline market, and how do you envision your rebranding strategy supporting the achievement of these goals?

Sourse will become the leader in situational awareness based on aircraft earth observation, in the pipeline industry and other sectors (we are already serving other markets). Reliable and industrialised earth observation is becoming paramount for anticipation, planification and effective actions. Sourse is a the cornerstone of this new needs and requirements.

Finally, could you provide some insight into the innovative technologies or methodologies that Stratos Solution is currently developing or employing to further improve pipeline monitoring accuracy and efficiency?

We believe that automatic detection through computer intelligence is key to industrialisation and efficiency. Consequently, we put significant energy to develop unique detection models to help fasten processes and make decisions as effective as possible. Our innovative acquisition and detection technology is driven by this requirements, so pipeline situational awareness is pushed further. 

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