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Dr. Birgit Wetzel is an expert and freelance journalist with deep knowledge in Energy, Eastern Europe, Caucasia and Central Asia. By means of extensive travel, she learns of new developments amongst local residents. Her insights have been published in a wide variety of print, radio, and television media. Dr. Birgit Wetzel aims to contribute a neutral, differentiated view of the geopolitical developments with respect to energy. In addition to publishing, she has also been an analyst, speaker, trainer, and advisor in the context of international relations with Eastern European, Caucasus and Central Asian countries. Recent work include:

  • "Eine Region im Aufbruch: Zentralasien", (Dec.2020),
  • "The Baltic and the Caspian Sea. Opportunities and Limits of Int. Coop." (2020),
  • Policy Paper: Antagonisms in the EU's neighbourhood - Geopolitical Ambitions in the Black Sea and Caspian Region (2020).
  • "China's Influence in Central Asia" (2019)
  • "Energy Potentials in Central Asia" (2019)
  • "EU's Role in Central Asia" (2019).
  • „Die Seidenstralße der Energie - Poker um eine strategische Drehscheibe" (Aserbaidschan) in: Der Kaukasus, Beck Verlag 2018

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Map of Eurasia with satalite images from NASA (© Shutterstock/titoOnz)
Map of Eurasia with satalite images from NASA (© Shutterstock/titoOnz)

Energy Markets in Central Asia: Opening Policies and Pipeline Options

When Vladimir Putin decided to attack Ukraine, he opened a new chapter in European history. Russia has started a war against Ukraine. This is not only a threat for Ukraine, but also for Europe as a whole, for the security of Europe.

Facing this conflict, the EU is standing together as one, together with the US. It has been long since such a scenario could be seen - if ever.