PE Pipelines – Improvement of productivity and safety using mobile VFT Welding Tracs

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PE Pipelines – Improvement of productivity and safety using mobile VFT Welding Tracs


Nowadays plastic pipelines form an integral part of modern infrastructure. The most common applications for butt-fused plastic pipelines are water and natural gas distribution networks. Inventions of new materials, production and installation methods for extruded pipes enables new applications and dimensions in a growing range of needs.

Climate changes causes challenges for urban and non-urban regions around the globe. Periods of heat require irrigation for farms as well as water to fight against wildfires. Environmental energy from wind farms, solar farms and hydroelectric power plants will reduce the carbon dioxide output level for energy production, however the high voltage grid needs to be updated to avoid shutdowns. New power grids like "SuedLink" in Germany, where hundreds of kilometres of protection pipes for cables will be required, are the markets for the future.

It is now possible to optimise the installation method for fuseable plastic pipes to make long distances more reliable and cost effective.

VFT welding Tracs are suitable for safe and economic plastic pipeline installation. They are self contained and self propelled all terrain machine carriers for butt-welding machines. In combination with state of the art welding equipment and the onboard generator a full automatic welding process is possible. Data logging systems enable a 100% report for all joints. The automatic self load and clamping system for the pipe increases the health and safety standards for the operators. The accident risk is much lower than with pipe handling with a crane or excavator. There is no need for lifting equipment during the welding process. This saves labour expenses and equipment costs.

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