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Inline Inspection / Integrity Management
The new PALIMEX®-880/-855
The two-tape system reliably protects your pipeline – and saves your budget.
Quality control in the passive corrosion protection – the coating inspector
Thomas Löffler >>> DENSO Andre Graßmann, Hilmar Jansen >>> Open Grid Europe
The key of safety and reliable operation is the pipeline integrity. Main elements and importance of pipeline integrity
Ferenc Peterfalvi >>> MOL
Predicting the future - applying corrosion growth rates from in-line inspections
Jane Dawson >>> Baker Hughes, a GE company
Improving Pipeline Scraping Operation – A systematic Approach and Case Study
Husain Al-Muslim, Mousa Al-Harbi >>> Saudi Aramco


Asian and Eastern European Pipeline Operators are pushing their way into North America and Western Europe

Eurasia (Yevgenij_D / Shutterstock)

Large Transport System Operator with their technology subsidiaries from Asia and Eastern Europe (e.g. Transneft, Sinopec and others) are pushing their way into the markets in North America and Western Europe, says Dr. Klaus Ritter in his Editorial for Pipeline Technology Journal.

On the one hand, they bring with them specific experience that require the companies that have dominated the technology and the market to adapt their technology. On the other hand, their step into the international markets also enables these companies to compare their technology with their competitors and adapt it to the requirements.

However, both opportunities can only be exploited if they can take place on the basis of an open market. This means that technology and service providers also gain access to the markets where their new competitors are at home.

Technical journals as well as conferences and exhibitions are the right channel to foster such an expansion. However, entrants to new markets must consider that they are expected to convince potential customers that their technology can compete in terms of safety, reliability and profitability.

The next Pipeline Technology Conference will feature an array of interesting panel session in regards of this development. One of them will focus on Eurasia and the regions significance for the pipeline industry. Currently confirmed for this panel session are Nord Stream 2, TANAP and Turkstream, offering interesting insights into the tradition of cooperation between European and Asian energy companies.

The upcoming 14th ptc will feature additional panel sessions and plenary discussions about a variety of important pipeline issues. Take your chance and participate in this outstanding international event by registering for the offer most suitable to you.

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