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KROHNE Receives the Pipeline Research Council International In-Kind Support Awar

KROHNE, Inc. announces it has received the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) In-kind Support Award for its outstanding commitment and support of several significant research programs. KROHNE was presented with the award at PRCI’s Annual Research Exchange Meeting on March 3rd 2020, at the Westin San Diego in California.

[Opinion] We must answer the call for a solution to the illegal tapping challenge

The tragic incident in Mexico makes it clear that pipeline tapping is becoming an increasing problem. A problem that not only costs human lives and causes enormous material damage, but also a problem that undermines public confidence in the pipeline transport systems and their operators.

Asian and Eastern European Pipeline Operators are pushing their way into North America and Western Europe

Large Transport System Operator with their technology subsidiaries from Asia and Eastern Europe (e.g. Transneft, Sinopec and others) are pushing their way into the markets in North America and Western Europe, says Dr. Klaus Ritter in his Editorial for Pipeline Technology Journal.

The pipeline sector is facing a major boom

Globalization means that many countries and regions, which quasi have hitherto been pre-industrialized, are striving to strengthen their economic base by bringing them closer to the international level of industry. Thereby the coverage of energy and water requirements via pipelines always plays a decisive role.

Editorial: Services for the global pipeline industry's exchange of experiences

High pressure pipelines for oil, gas and water are often crossing several frontiers and geomorphological obstacles. Those pipelines have to be safe, reliable and durable to ensure a profitable and commonly accepted operation. Moreover, environmental sustainability becomes more important with each new pipeline project.

Pipeline Leak Detection is critical to a safe and economic pipeline operation: New Technologies are constantly being developed

The transportation of fluids and gases in pipelines is still increasing all over the world and with very good reason: Pipelines are the safest and most economical transportation systems for long distances.