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Pipeline Safety & Operation
The new PALIMEX®-880/-855
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Learning from Failures: Moving from ‘Failure’ Cause to ‘Root’ Cause
Phil Hopkins >>> Phil Hopkins Ltd.
Nonintrusive Pipeline Internal Deposition Mapping Provides Insight to Operators
Keith Drummond / Thomas Redares >>> Halliburton
Pipeline vibrations – Measurements under difficult conditions
Dr. Patrick Tetenborg / Dr. Christian Jansen >>> KÖTTER Consulting Engineers
The challenge of descaling and extending pipelines lifetime
Luca Reinhart >>> Reinhart Hydrocleaning
Where Technology meets Nature: a unique approach to ban illegal tapping
Kristof Verwaest >>> The Sniffers
Revolutionising Pipeline Safety: Intelligent Weldment Inspection Decision System
Mohd Nazmi bin Mohd Ali Napiah / Hambali bin Chik >>> PETRONAS

Latest News

Saipem Secures Substantial Contract Constructing Feed Pipelines in Kuwait

The Al-Zour Oil Refinery will be Kuwaits fourth Refinery (Orapin Joyphuem / Shutterstock)

Saipem, one of the leading companies in the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of pipelines worldwide, has won a $850 million contract to complete the feed pipelines of the New Refinery Project in Al-Zour south of Kuwait.

The contract has been awarded by the Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC), a subsidiary of the Gulf country’s national oil company, the Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC).

ROSEN Group's EMAT Inspection Tools Certified for Europe by TÜV Systems Nord

ROSEN Group's EMAT Inspection Tools Certified For Europe By TÜV Systems Nord

TÜV Systems Nord has certified ROSEN Groups EMAT Inspection tools, which are used for crack detection in gas lines. Early detection of potential cracks in gas pipelines is an important factor in ensuring their safe operation. Already in 2010, ROSEN had developed the EMAT technology to an operational stage.

Kuwait battles oil spill in the Persian Gulf

Kuwait battles oil spill in the Persian Gulf (Phonix_a Pk.sarote / Shutterstock)

The northern Persian Gulf has been hit with a series of major oil spills, affecting Kuwait and Saudi Arabia with an estimated 35,000 barrels of crude in the first incident and an undetermined amount in the second, which followed two days later.. Already the beaches of Ras Al Zour, where Kuwait is building a massive US$30 billion (Dh110.2bn) oil complex that includes a 615,000-barrel-per-day refinery, are being tarred, and residents are being asked to stay away for the contaminated shoreline and waters.

To Build or Not To Build? Keystone XL Struggling With Its Future

To Build or Not To Build?  Keystone XL Struggling With Its Future (shannonpatrick17 / CC BY 2.0)

It does not appear that the pro and anti Keystone XL pipeline forces will bridge their differences anytime in the near future.

Trans Canada, the corporation seeking to develop the 1897-km, 36 inch, $8 billion pipeline is confident that it is in the best interests of the United States, as the pipeline will create thousands of construction jobs and lead to America's energy independence.

$700 million Gas Pipeline Project Set Back in Nigeria

$700 million Gas Pipeline Project Set Back in Nigeria (Peter Hermes Furian / Shutterstock)

Seasonal rains, security threats and overall contractor incompetence has delayed the completion of the 123-km, 48 inch East-West Gas Pipeline in Nigeria. 31 July 2017 had been the start-up goal of the project.

The pipeline will bring natural gas from the resource - rich eastern Niger Delta to the western Niger Delta, where energy demand is high due to a plethora of new industrial customers and power plants.

Environmental Concerns Stymie Further Development of the Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline in British Columbia

Environmental Concerns Stymie Further Development of the Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline in British Columbia (Stasivanovv / Shutterstock)

The extension of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline to Vancouver's harbor has been indefinitely suspended pending a review of other transportation options.

This pits the local provincial government in Vancouver against the federal government in Ottawa, which has up to now championed the approximately 890-km pipeline from a small community near Edmonton to Vancouver. Kinder Morgan hopes to triple its bitumen-carrying capacity to 890,000 barrels a day

Uncertainty about additional gas transportation capacities in Mexico

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the latest auction for natural gas transportation capacity by system operator CENAGAS (Diego Grandi / Shutterstock)

In light of a deficient pipeline transportation infrastructure and of power plants that struggle to come online, not a single bid to participate in the current round has been received by CENAGAS in Mexico. The state has thus called the auction null and void.

The round offered 2.1 billion cubic feet (bcf), or 60 million cubic metres/day, of pipeline capacity belonging to CFE International - the US-based fuels trading arm of Mexico’s state power utility CFE - in five different pipelines linking gas hubs in the southern US to the border.

$2 billion Gas Pipeline Coming to Texas

$2 billion Gas Pipeline Coming to Texas (Sega_K / Shutterstock)

Permico Energia said this week in Houston that it will build a 820 km natural gas pipeline beginning next year that would connect with the Permian Basin in western Texas.

Part of the project will include a fractionator plant to separate the natural gas into ethane, propane and butane. Once complete the plant is expected to employ up to 100 people including field workers, project managers,executives. The plant will also include a 563 km pipeline system that will transport product to other Texas Gulf Coast industrial markets, including the Mont Belvieu area near Houston.

Shell To Replace Faulty Oil Pipeline in California

Shell To Replace Faulty Oil Pipeline in California (Radoslaw Lecyk / Shutterstock)

Shell Oil company is complying with California State Regulator's recommendation to replace 19 km of the 285 km long San Pablo Bay pipeline after two spills contaminated grasslands close to San Francisco with 60,000 gallons of heavy crude oil.

Investigators found both were caused by “fatigue cracks” that grew as pressure on the underground line fluctuated to deal with different grades of oil, according to documents obtained by KQED, a local television news network.

Foundation Stone Laid for Ugandan - Tanzanian Crude Export Pipeline

Foundation Stone Laid for Ugandan - Tanzanian Crude Export Pipeline (Shutterstock / Andrea Danti)

At 1445 km the "longest electrically heated crude oil pipeline in the world," the principal stakeholders in the $3.5 billion Ugandan - Tanzanian crude export pipeline are anxious to begin the project.

Set for completion in 2020, Tanzanian President John Magufuli said "we don't need to delay the project for almost three years. They can do it even day and night to ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible".

LNG from the US reached Great Britain for the first time

The LNG Carrier GALEA (Wmeinhart/CC-BY-SA-3.0)

US produced shale gas reached British homes and power plants for the first time ever. Last week, the UK took a delivery from America with liquefied natural gas as the LNG Carrier GALEA arrived at the Isle of Grain port in Kent, 60 kilometer east of London. The Isle of Grain-Terminal has got a capacity of one million cubic meters of LNG, making it Europe's largest installation of that kind.

Nigeria Looking for Britain to Invest in its Energy Sector

Nigeria Looking for Britain to Invest in its Energy Sector (Peter Hermes Furian / Shutterstock)

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, has told the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) that his government would invest substantial sums to upgrade Nigeria's pipeline network, renewable energy facilities and gas and power infrastructure.

He added that there are many interested parties in the UK but the administrative process of obtaining a visa to travel to Nigeria was putting a lot of potential investors off.

The NNPC noted that there was a $10 billion investment deficit in the Nigerian energy sector.

Another Pipeline Project in North Dakota Seeks to Avoid the Mistakes of Dakota Access

Another Pipeline Project in North Dakota Seeks to Avoid the Mistakes of Dakota Access (Dmitrijs Kaminskis / Shutterstock)

Cenex Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of the global agribusiness CHS company, has submitted a proposal to the state Public Service Commission in North Dakota to build a major pipeline across the state and into Montana. The 290 km, 10 inch pipeline would transport refined petroleum products - gasoline and diesel - across three rivers in North Dakota and one major one, the Missouri, in Montana.

Proposed Rover Pipeline Miscues Delay Operating Launch

Proposed Rover Pipeline Miscues Delay Operating Launch (boroda / Shutterstock)

The 42 inch, 1147-km, $4.2 billion Rover Interstate Gas Pipeline Project, the biggest natural gas pipeline under construction in the United States, has been set back indefinitely by environmental mishaps.

The release of 2 million gallons of drilling slurry near the Tuscarawas River in Ohio — as well as what Federal Energy Regulatory Commission officials term “several misstatements” about the developer’s work, has cast doubt on whether or not the pipeline will be completed according to schedule.

US Sanctions and Nord Stream 2: Now Is the Time for Europe to Act

US Capitol east front, by Martin Falbisoner - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

This week the House of Representatives followed the Senate in voting overwhelmingly to impose broad sanctions on Russia for behavior deemed unacceptable to the United States, particularly the alleged cyber hacking of the US election. The bill targets, among other things, any company that contributes to the renovation or construction of Russia's export pipelines, and Nord Stream 2 is specifically judged to have detrimental impacts on the European Union's energy security and energy reforms in the Ukraine.

Contested Sabal Trail Pipeline now operational

Contested Sabal Trail Pipeline now operational (copyright: Spectra Energy)

After four years of pitched battle with homeowners and environmental groups opposed to the construction of a 829 km, 36 inch gas pipeline from central Alabama through southwest Georgia to Orange County, Florida, the Sabal Trail pipeline system has been placed in commercial operation.

Spectra Energy Partners, NextEra Energy and Duke Energy will jointly operate the pipeline system.

Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) to 77 percent finished

Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline to 77 percent finished (Copyright at TANAP)

The Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline's (TANAP) is 77 percent finished and is set for final completion in 2018, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at the beginning of the week.

During the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul, Aliyev stated that projects such as the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, Baku-Tblisi-Erzurum natural gas pipeline and TANAP contribute to not only regional but also the global energy map.

Nuns build open-air chapel to protest natural gas pipeline

A simple outdoor chapel like this one in California can cause problems for pipeline operators (LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock)

There is more than just one way to protest and delay a pipeline. In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a group of Catholic nuns is fighting against a natural gas pipeline that would run beneath land they own in a unique way by setting up an open-air chapel for people to visit.

NDT Global Canada - no time loss in 25 years

NDT Global Employees at Work

It has been a landmark year for NDT Global's Canadian operation. This year saw the company successfully achieve 25 years without a loss time incident, an important factor in pipeline integrity management programs.

The opening of the Petroleum Industry Training Service (PITS) in 1988, close to the location of the company's previous facility, played a significant role in the 25-year landmark. This provided 42 recommendations to the oil and gas industry and mandated worker safety training through the guiding principles.

Another Pipeline in the Baltic Region Heats Up the European Gas Market

Another Pipeline in the Baltic Region Heats Up the European Gas Market (Elvis Antson / Shutterstock)

The number of aspirants looking to supply continental Europe with gas grew again this week, with the Finnish government endorsing the 152-km bi-directional Balticconnector undersea gas pipeline project (22-km section in Finland, 80-km section on the floor of the Gulf of Finland, 50-km section in Estonia).

The capacity of pipeline will be 2 billion cubic metres per annum (71 billion cubic feet per annum). And it would cost €250 million, of which 187.5 million is financed by the European Commission. The Balticconnector is scheduled to be operational by 2020.

Qatar Will Not Disrupt Gas Deliveries to the UAE and Oman

LNG tanker sails on a cruise to Qatar (photowrzesien / Shutterstock)

The boss of Qatar Petroleum said this week that, despite the efforts of its Arab neighbors in the Gulf to diplomatically isolate the country, Qatar would not seek to cut gas deliveries through the 364-km Dolphin gas pipeline to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Qatar Petroleum Boss Saad al-Kaabi said we look upon the people of the UAE as our "brothers" and cutting supplies would do "great harm" to them.

The Dolphin pipeline links Qatar's giant North Field with the UAE and Oman and presently transports 2 billion cu ft of gas per day to these countries.

Will Nord Stream 2 Survive the Current Impasse?

Will Nordstream 2 Survive the Current Impasse?

On the one hand the project looks like a win win. On the other one sees yet another trans-boundary pipeline embroiled in great controversy: Nordstream 2 is a twin 1200-km pipeline system proposed to run on the floor of the Baltic Sea and costing over 11 billion euros when completed. Yet once in operation the existing Bratsvo Pipeline System in place in the Ukraine since Soviet times becomes redundant.

Father and Son Accused in Theft of over $1 Million Worth of Fuel from Pipelines in UK

A bold gang set up a makeshift refinery in the grounds of Boris Johnson’s ministerial Chevening estate in order to steal hydrocarbon fuel from a network of underground pipes. Petrol, diesel and aviation fuel was also stolen from pipelines across Essex, Hampshire, Northamptonshire, and Cheshire over a 17-month period.

When police raided the site a few years ago, they found metal shipping containers, 1,000-litre empty plastic containers and a hose running from a fuel pipeline into a truck trailer.

Transport and Distribution of Gas, Oil and Water as Preconditions for Successful Industrial Development in Africa & the MENA Region

Transport and Distribution of Gas, Oil and Water as Preconditions for Successful Industrial Development in Africa & the MENA Region

Forced industrialization in the whole region has led to high demand for investment, in particular in the energy and water supply sectors. Realization of the projects require a lot of know-how and appropriate technologies. This presents a wealth of opportunities for European and international businesses to engage with the region and to create long-term partnerships.

Whither Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline in British Columbia ?

Whither Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline in British Columbia (Keith Levit / Shutterstock)

Ottawa has long championed the construction of trans-province pipelines to transport the nation's petroleum wealth to the coast and ultimately foreign markets in Asia. Yet environmental opposition to Trans Mountain and other crude oil pipelines in the western province of British Columbia is so vast it threatens the very viability of these projects in the country.


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