Turkey Considering Disrupting the Kirkuk - Ceyhan Export Oil Pipeline

As the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq continues to count the ballots of its controversial independence referendum, President Erdogan of Turkey warned the Kurds that he would cut off the oil pipeline from northern Iraq to the outside world -- depriving the Erbil government of its principal source of income - if the KRG does not back down.

Rosneft Trades Gas Pipeline Investment for Future Role in Supplying Europe with Northern Iraqi Gas

Rosneft and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have agreed to cooperate in the construction of a natural gas pipeline with a 30 bcm of gas per year capacity.

The pipeline will be constructed in 2019 for Kurdish domestic use, with exports due to begin in 2020.

Cutting Edge Fibre-Optic Cables - Herald of A New Era In Pipeline Leak Detection Technologies?

Calgary' Hifi Engineering has entered the competitive pipeline leak detection market with its own ultrasensitive leak detection system. Hifi uses fibre-optic cables to detect pinhole pipeline leaks within seconds.

In addition, the system is also capable of alerting operators about nearby construction or earthquakes that could disturb or diminish the integrity of pipe.

New Environmental Ruling With Broad Implications for the US Pipeline Industry

This week the United States witnessed a sea change in the policy of the US government toward pipeline construction.

Indeed, President Trump's program to rebuild America's infrastructure suffered a big blow when a federal court ruled that regulators must examine the pipeline's impact on global climate change before granting approval.

Sniffing out success: Leak Detection with The Sniffers’ dogs at Raffinerie Heide

The Sniffers is an independent service provider which identifies current and expectable leaks in pipelines and installations in the oil and gas industry. They provide advice on how to reduce emissions, energy losses and maintain pipeline network integrity in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Sound Energy receives Morocco gas-line funding proposal

Sound Energy, a European and African focused upstream gas company, obtained a non-bonding funding proposal of up to US$100 million for its eastern Morocco gas project. The proposal has been made by the Advisory & Finance Group Investment Bank (AFG) on behalf of a range of institutions, including shareholders of OGIF (Oil & Gas Investment Fund).

New European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) to receive it's first pipes

The preparations for the construction of the European gas pipeline link EUGAL are making progress. From Friday, 1 September 2017, the first pipes will be delivered to several pipe storage points until construction of EUGAL starts in mid-2018. The storage points are located along the planned route, which will require a total of 47,000 pipes to be completed.

Uganda Marks the Development of Feeder Pipelines to the Refinery in Hoima

The Ugandan government has set up a resettlement planning committee for persons affected by the country's burgeoning oil patch in Buliisa. The work, which will include a Central Processing Facility (CPF), construction camps, accommodation facilities, a workshop and feeder pipelines. is a prelude to full - scale oil production in 2020.

ROSEN Group's EMAT Inspection Tools Certified for Europe by TÜV Systems Nord

TÜV Systems Nord has certified ROSEN Groups EMAT Inspection tools, which are used for crack detection in gas lines. Early detection of potential cracks in gas pipelines is an important factor in ensuring their safe operation. Already in 2010, ROSEN had developed the EMAT technology to an operational stage.

To Build or Not To Build? Keystone XL Struggling With Its Future

It does not appear that the pro and anti Keystone XL pipeline forces will bridge their differences anytime in the near future.

Trans Canada, the corporation seeking to develop the 1897-km, 36 inch, $8 billion pipeline is confident that it is in the best interests of the United States, as the pipeline will create thousands of construction jobs and lead to America's energy independence.